Austin tries to be better. That's one of the things we have been missing in politics. People who are always open to learning. People whol will actually listen, get more information, study so there's understanding. We need people we can trust in politics. Austin is someone we can trust.

Kuuku Saah

Small Business Owner

I first met Austin a few years ago as he worked to bring campaign finance reform to the City of Des Moines. His subsequent leadership during the pandemic was sorely needed. Austin's efforts to help our community are genuine, and I know he'll work diligently on our behalf at the State Capitol to get Iowa back on track.

Carl Voss

Des Moines City Council, At-Large

Austin will make an excellent representative for House District 36. He will bring compassion and caring to this position just as he does in his professional life as a doctor. We need people in this office who put people's needs first and work on real solutions to create opportunities for everyone in a fair and caring manner. I am happy to support Austin in his bid for House District 36.

Connie Boesen

Des Moines City Council, At-Large

As our doctor, Austin practically became a member of my family. It's clear that his knowledge extends far beyond that of medicine and that the compassion that he shows toward every human will make him an excellent policymaker at the Capitol.

Chris Coleman

Des Moines City Council, President of Better Business Bureau of Greater Iowa

It is my intense pleasure to endorse Des Moines native Austin Baeth for Iowa House District 36 State Representative. Having known Austin for almost 20 years, I can testify that he is an honest, hard-working, intelligent, compassionate man that cares about Iowa's public education, health care, the environment and our way of life. Please vote for Austin on June 7!

Lynn Heggen

Community Volunteer, Retired Nurse

I am supporting Dr. Austin Baeth for state legislature because we share a vision for Iowa — a return to an all-inclusive state with specific focus upon women's reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and evidence based policy to keep our community healthy and safe!  I look forward to the change Austin will bring to our state! 

Dr. Amy Bingaman

Obstetrician-Gynecologist, OneIowa Inclusive Provider

The Iowa State House needs a leader who will rise above the fray and work tirelessly to heal our broken state government. As a doctor, Austin has seen first-hand through his patients Iowans struggling to make ends meet on a month-to-month basis.

It’s that kind of compassion and experience I am looking for in someone who wants to be a State Representative, and that’s why I am excited to endorse my friend and fellow New Leaders Council alum Austin Baeth for Iowa House District 36 in June’s Democratic Primary.

Justyn Lewis

Community Activist and Business Owner

I am grateful that people as talented as Austin Baeth are willing to run for office.  Austin is the kind of young leader who could inspire other folks to join him in public service.  I am especially impressed with his civility which our country needs now more than ever.

Jerry Crawford

Attorney and WHO-TV Political Commentator

Through Austin's work as a doctor, business owner and parent, he understands Iowans and will bring empathy, problem solving skills, and fight to work and every day at the Iowa Statehouse.

Jackie Norris

Des Moines School Board, At-Large Director and President of SPPG

I am a retired school administractor very concerned about the state of K-12 education in our state. I am a patient of Dr. Baeth and know he will bring the caring, research-based approach he employs as a physician to the Iowa House.

Diana Whited

Retired School Administrator

Austin is willing to put himself in someone else's shoes to understand and learn. I think that's the best way to affect change, by genuinely understanding what people need. That's not just for minorities but for the human race. I put my trust and faith in him to do the right thing because I know he truly cares.

Terence Baptiste

Small Business Owner

Neighbors supporting Austin's campaign

Sheila Rouse

Dr. Steven Rosenberg

Robert Oberbillig

Amanda Fletcher

Gaiana Tapscott

Alissa McKinney

Christopher Diebel

Jonathan Brendemuehl

Rachel Scholten

Dr. Alexandra Hubbell

Cooper Hubbell

Jeri McGinnis

Nick Kluesner

Jerry Crawford

Linda Crawford

Tom Rice

Connie Beasley

Dr. Cynthia Hoque

Suman Hoque

Laurie Dickinson

Justin Schoen

Dr. Matt Molin

Julie Pedigo

Kassie Spellman

Eileen Gross

Dylan Lampe

Evelyn Shawver

Craig Shadur

Kimberly Shadur

Meredith Stahl

Judi Cunconan

Susan Stroope

Kaylie Hoyle

Sam Hoyle

Jeff Foster

Lynn Heggen

William Eddy

Allison Smith

Chris  Fitzgerald

Marie Gernes

Josh Dreyer

Tiffani Milless

Jackie Norris

Connie Boesen

Carl Voss

Chris Coleman

Terence  Baptiste

Phil Dickinson

Connie Wimer

Randy Ramundt

Jennifer Ramundt

Reach out if you'd like your name to be added to the list.